Raising Beef Cattle and Fat Lambs

Thank Heavens for Good Neighbours

When we began, we had no farming experience. For the 10 years prior, we lived on a 35 acre hobby farm in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  We slashed the paddocks on a regular basis, occasionally spread chook manure, and raised some show horses. A far cry from breeding beef cattle and fat lambs  on 620 acres. Fortunately for us, our neighbour, Ian and Rose Hayes , have been amazingly helpful. Ian' s mum and dad had owned the original "Dunblane". Ian had grown up in our house. The farm was split between Ian and his sister Jo. We bought our farm from Jo. Ian owns the adjoining property to the south.

I just confessed to being ignorant and they very patiently and surpringly politely,  helped us in the right direction.  With their help and the help of a local stock agent, Stuart Smith, we purchased 30 black Angus cow-calf units, an Angus Bull, 115 fine wool merino ewes  and 2 Border Leister Rams. Because  we were also experiencing unusually good rainfall, there was plenty of extra feed, so we bought 56 weaner steers. 

THERE WE WERE, REAL FARMERS !!   Clueless, but farmers just the same.

In our district, I was told , we  need to grow winter forage to carry the animals through the dormant periods of July August and September. In the autumn of 2011, Ian drill seeded a mixture of Rape and Triticale Into a 50 acre paddock called "The Bluff"  The  result was unexpectedly poor. This raised the question "Why?"  


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29.04 | 03:47

Wow, I lived on the Haye's farmstead for a couple of years, crazy to hear of this fire coming through. Hope I can visit again one day.

15.08 | 11:17

This is all brilliantly documented Paddy - am so totally inspired by how you have transformed Dunblane.

31.07 | 16:36

Hi Peter, exciting indeed. Suggest you contact a Rory O'Leary at BVSC. He is the economic development officer. Big focus on Eden Another farmersnet@fscla.org.au

31.07 | 12:48

Sounds exciting! I'd like to discuss how this might fit in with some other opportunities for the Port of Eden.

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